Deluge RPC Client Python

Installing Deluge is a torrent client written in python. It however has an RPC API so you can interact with it remotely. Using this API you can add, delete and gather status reports on torrents, you can therefore produce a nice looking frontend for it. It is worth pointing out that there is a web interface for it already called deluge-web. The package on Ubuntu is simply deluge: sudo apt update sudo apt install -y deluge There is a python client to make it easier to interact with the deluge RPC client which we will use.

PCAP Python analyser with JSON d3 visualisation

I have been in a few environments where installing a full blown PCAP analyser is just not possible. Therefore I created a Python script that will go through a PCAP file, split up IP flows and spit it out in a JSON format. This depicts TCP and UDP flows with the amount of traffic uploaded and downloaded, it also attempts to map IP addresses to domains using DNS requests found in the same PCAP file.

AWS send email with Lambda and SES

Lambda Lambda is an AWS feature that allows you to run functions based on triggers such as API calls, SNS events or s3 file uploads. The advantage of Lambda is Amazon takes care of all the infrastructure for you so all you have to care about is the function. Amazon will elastically spin the infrastructure up and down to accommodate the load and even better will only charge you for the time your function is running.